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A good morning for low bands. Good signals on 160, 80 and 40m.
Worked AA7G (Gert SM5LWC) in NY, KY7M in AZ and KB1EFS in MA on 160m about half an hour before our sunrise. Reverse Beacon spots showed it was a bit late but still OK. Best reception varied between the SW and the NW beverages. I suppose the reason was changing polarisation of the incoming wave. The SW Bev has big side lobes sensitive to horizontal polarisation and VOA CAP suggest a wave angle of 38 dgs.

There were callers I couldn’t copy due to a new rattle on 160m.
Also worked K2BG and K2QBN on 80.
Went to 40 and worked JH1THE, Ken. He called over LP and was S7 with flutter. He laterĀ  turned to SP and became a solid S9. He is using a 2 el Yagi.




Today the QRM from the horse fences reached unprecedented levels with clicks hitting the S9 mark. Horses got loose last night because of fireworks, so today all fences seem to be set at highest possible voltage.

Recording when listening on the NE terminated bev on 80 m: