Propagation from Brazil

There was an email from Dirk PY2UDB in São Paulo.

He says in February 22nd (excerpt from the email):

What I have noticed that about 1.5 to 1 hour before sunset (between 21:15 and 21:45 UTC), the signals coming from Europe (on 40 mtr) start to peak and getting through with less interference (QRN). But only certain geographical locations. Sweden, Lithuania, Ukraine and some Russian states at a distance of about 11.000 Km. Stations nearer have much lower signal levels or even are not hearable. I receive RST’s of 419 to 519. The stations I receive from RST 579-599

After sunset, signals from the nearer locations (6000-10.000 Km) start to appear, but not as strong as the initial period and with much more QRN.

What I also notice that the same effect happens at sunrise, in south to westerly direction (for me New Zealand , Japan) and that my signal reports are much stronger, but the DX-stations much weaker even if they use high-power. I receive RST’s from 539 to 559. the DX-stations are coming in with RST 419-539 ……….

Dirk  Bal

PY2UDB, São Paulo